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Account Management

Frequently asked questions about AppShed Accounts.
Account Management

Individual Accounts, EDU Accounts

App Builder

Frequently asked questions about the AppShed App Builder.
App Builder

AppShed News

All things new on AppShed and its products.
AppShed News

Robotics/Game Maker

Frequently asked questions about the Robotics and Game Maker.
Robotics/Game Maker

Get Started

A guide to getting started on AppShed with your EDU account.

Change Your Password

How to change you individual accounts password

Add Students/Teachers to your EDU account

How to add students, bulk import students or self register students to an EDU account.

"App is currently unavailable" message

How to fix "app is unavailable" message on published apps.

Adding CSS to your app

How to add CSS to your app

App Looks Stretched on Desktop

How to fix your app looking stretched on desktops/widescreens

Change an EDU users role

Change an EDU uses role in your AppShed EDU account

Change Students Password

How to change your EDU students password

Change the Tab Bar's colour

There are variations as to how to do it. You can either use a module, javascript
or css.

Change your Email

How to change your registered email address on Appshed

Changing the mouse cursor

Change the way the mouse cursor looks in AppShed

Error Uploading CSV

Possible solutions to errors encountered while uploading a CSV file

Hiding Objects

How to hide objects in your app

Hiding the Tab Bar

There are variations as to how to do it. You can either use a module, javascript
or css.

iPad Support

IpadOS support guide

Recover Deleted Apps

How to undelete apps in your or your students account

Recovering Missing Content

How to recover lost content in your App

Remove a user from your EDU account

How to remove a user from your EDU account.

Save your App on your Mobile Device

How to save your AppShed App to your phone's home screen.

Share your App

How to share you apps!

Updating A Published App

How to update one of your apps that's already been published

Where to find images for your Apps

Where to find free images to use in your AppShed Apps

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AppShed Support
Customer Support

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