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EDU Features

EDU is all about making a teachers life easier, either through managment features, courses, support or training.


AppShed Academy

Take the guesswork out of preparing your lessons with our purpose-built courses.
Our growing selection of courses covers:

  • App Builder
  • Game Maker
  • IoT/Robotics Builder
  • Coding Focus
  • HTML & CSS
  • Data Representation

Each lesson takes students on a step by step guide to creating a fun and engaging app in the App Maker. By the time the student has finished the lesson they wont even know that they have covered key computing curriculum concepts!

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Master Classes

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Book a Master Class with us to bring you and your team up to speed on any of the AppShed features. This feature is only available to our EDU schools and proves to be a fast and effective way of getting teachers confident in using AppShed in the classroom.

Master Class sessions are available on request over video conference. To apply for a Master Class you need to have an active EDU account. If you would like to book a Master Class please click the button below to email us or the register button to create your EDU account.

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Course Creation Collaboration

Our courses cover a wide range of curriclum points and topics, however we do offer course creation collaboration with our EDU schools.

This includes direct assistance from or development and curriculum team to help you build a specific app with your students, within reason. Our development team will advise on viability and exacution and our curriculum team will link to the areas of the computing curriculum you want to cover with the Educational App Builder.

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Manage Students & Classes

Integrated into the EDU account is a dedicated User manager which allows teachers to quickly create accounts for students, change passwords, add other teachers, and even group students into different classes.

  • Create Class Groups
  • Bulk user upload
  • Manage Students

To get started with adding students to your account click Learn How below or click Register Now to get started with your EDU account.

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Moderate Apps

When students are given the freedom to be as creative as they want some incredible things can happen but at the same time some rather silly things can happen too. This is why we have given teachers the ability to moderate their student's apps in the App Builder.

  • Maintain child safety
  • Built-in bad work checker
  • Approve or decline student's Publishing requests
  • Control app visibility in your School gallery

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Priority Support

telephone support

With an EDU subscription you also get:

  • Priority support for your entire school
  • Custom-fit advice on how to best integrate mixed medium learning in the classroom
  • More Frequently Asked Questions answered in the Help center
  • Master Classes

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Image Library

image library

We have expanded our image library for EDU schools.

  • This, in addition to the already existing library of images
  • Boasting a new set of high-resolution images
  • This extended image library is for EDU Accounts only



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