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EDU Features

Our aim is to help teachers work more efficiently. EDU gives you more time to teach by reducing your admin tasks using our online management tools with personalised support from the AppShed Team.



Take the guesswork out of preparing your lessons with our purpose built courses

With a growing selection of courses covering:

  • Appshed Basics
  • Javascript and CSS on AppShed
  • Programmatic logic using Game Making
  • HTML5 Forms and Data handling

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Master Classes

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Stay on top of any topic with free Master Class sessions

  • Having trouble navigating your EDU account?
  • Need help creating a personalised Lesson?

Master Class sessions are available on request over video conference.

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Manage Students & Classes

Use the integrated user management system to:

  • Create Class Groups
  • Bulk user upload
  • Manage Students

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Track Course Progress

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Along with managing EDU users, you can:

  • Track course progress
  • Track app progress

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Moderate Students' Apps

Know what's in your School Gallery

  • Maintain child safety
  • Approve or decline students' Publishing requests
  • Control app visibility in your School gallery

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Priority Support

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With an EDU subscription you also get:

  • Priority support for your entire school
  • Custom fit advice on how to best integrate mixed medium learning in the classroom
  • More Frequently Asked Questions answered in the Help centre

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Create Your Own Courses

With access to the Admin Dashboard, you can build your own customised courses to share with:

  • Your school
  • Specific Users in your school
  • Other EDU subscribed schools
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Image Library

image library

We have expanded our image library for EDU schools.

  • This, in addition to the already existing library of images
  • Boasting a new set of high-resolution images
  • This extended image library is for EDU Accounts only



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If EDU is for you, get started with a free trial. No credit card required.

Book a demo with the EDU Support Team to walk you through the EDU dashboard and answer any concerns you may have.

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