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If you have lost content from your app, or there are screens or tabs that are missing, you can recover them by following these instructions.


  1. This shows an app with some content.


  2. The tab is now going to be deleted



  3. The app now appears to be "broken" as there is no content. It does even have one tab, and the screen is just black.


  4. To recover the missing screen, Add a new tab. Just use a Standard tab.


  5. In the Tab settings, got to the Action and select Jump to Screen


  6. In the screen listing, click the button to show "Deleted Screens"


  7. Select the screen you deleted. This list also shows all "nested" screens, so click on a few and view the Preview if you are unsure which screen to choose. You should choose the top-level screen if you want to restore a collection of linked screens.


  8. You app will now show the recovered screens.



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