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AppShed apps are of course made for mobile devices with narrow screens but if you do use your web app on a desktop the following code will help make it look a bit nicer and avoid any stretching.

  • Open your App in the App Builder
  • Click Settings
  • Click Advanced
  • In the Custom JavaScript text box paste the code bellow
  • Click Save
  • Click Publish
  • Click Share
  • Click Web App

The code:

// When each screen loads
app.phone.addEvent('screen', function (id, el) {

// set up position of the main div
jQuery('.items').css('max-width', '380px').css('margin', 'auto');
jQuery('.screen').css('background-color', 'rgb(255,255,255)'); // the colour of the background


This code will not change the way your app is displayed on mobile devices, only on desktops/widescreens.

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