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  1. What I really like about ServiceNow

  2. My low-code History

  3. Some Questions

  4. A debugging glitch in Studio
























What I really like about ServiceNow

All in good time

2003… Luddy builds highly-configurable workflow SaaS.
‘The market's response: "Meh."’ (Luddy)
So he gives them a great ITSM tool which they love.

>2013... Now they’re getting a highly configurable workflow SaaS, 
And they love it even more!


It’s not about processes, it’s about people.
Use AI (call it Predictive Analytics) to hyper-optimise the effectiveness of people.

Agile & Integrations

Forbes: ‘In pivoting, Luddy and Donahoe are competing with a more agile group, which includes Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and Workday.
ServiceNow's sole advantage: the ability to upsell, leveraging its IT-service dominance to layer on related products.’











My low-code History

20 years ago….
Developed a Flash Action Script - XML engine to dynamically create learning objects from a CMS.

15 years ago….
Developed a SaaS MS Office look-alike browser-based content management system - extensive APIs client and server-side (both JavaScript).

10 years ago...
AppShed, fully customisable App Engine, allowing real-time app-store updates of content and code - no app store re-publish needed.

5 years ago...
IoT Builder, “microprocessor agnostic, device agnostic” no-code/low-code IoT rapid prototyping platform.

Game Maker, Low-code game building platform… with IoT integration.
Safe Space: Health & safety productivity app for Mobile Network Operators (using Zoho)















  • Could you describe my typical week?
  • Who do I report to? Who will be in my team?
  • Why is it called “Glide”?
  • What would I need to achieve in the first 6 months for you to say: ‘That’s remarkable’?
  • Room for creativity? Engagement with Product teams? Career growth opportunities?

One surprising thing:

  • Knowledge 2019 is making a big deal of the new native apps.
    It is 2019 people!
















 Debugging Studio



















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