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User Interface (IDE)

App Settings

app settingsThe App Settings section provides buttons for a number of important features:

  • Settings
    Configure the settings of the app
  • Publish
    Pubilsh the app. This will make it available as a web-app via a URL.
  • Share
    Options for sharing the app. Since this is a web-app, it is shared as a URL/web link.
    The URL can be shared as simple link, a QR code, or posted to social media.
  • Boards
    If this app is connected to an IoT device, this button allows you to select the board to pair with.
    This makes use of AppShed IoT Builder.
  • Close
    Close the app. Changes are saved continuously, so you do not need to Close the app in order to save.



filtersThe Filters are positioned on the left-hand side of the screen. These links allow you to filter the game objects according to the main groups:

  • Setup
  • Sprites
  • Graphics
  • Events
  • Functions
  • View All Objects

In some circumstances you might want to view all the objects on one long list. Then you can use this filter.

  • Hidden

Some objects can be hidden. This is normally done when using Templates to reduce the number of visible objects making it easier for learners to focus on the important objects relating to a particular activity. 


Game Tools

game toolsThe Game Tools is the panel on the right that includes all the avialble tools (objects) that can be included in your games.

The tools are arranged in the following groups:

  • Setup
  • Sprites
  • Events
  • Graphics
  • Functions

To add an object to your game simply click on the required tool.



Help & Resources

There are many tutorials, guides, FAQs and courses available for Game Maker.

Access the main topics under the Help & Resources section. 

help resources

Object List

object listThe Object List is the centre area of the IDE where all the objects are displayed. 

You can filter this list according to the required Group.

Some objects may be hidden. Use the button in the Filters to display hidden objects.




templatesGame Maker provides many Templates to help build games quickly and with fewer errors.

The templates are available from a tab/section within the Tools Panel on the right of the IDE.

Search for templates & categories using the search tools. Many of the courses will have specific templates associated to them.


Toggle App Builder / Game Maker

App Builder and Game Maker work hand-in-hand. 

In AppShed you are always building an app. The app may contain normal "app" items (e.g. Text and Links) and it can also include Games. You can even have multiple app screens and multiple games within the same app. It is up to you how you want to structure your app.

Use the Toggle buttons to swap between the two modes to build your app+game.

toggle app builder

toggle game maker



View Objects / Play Game

view playIn Game Maker you are able to toggle between two modes:

  1. View Objects
    Shows all the game objects.
    Allows you to add more objects from the Game Tools (panel).
  2. Play Game
    Allows you to play the game within the IDE.
    This includes Game Controls to Stop, Start, Pause and Sleep the game.




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