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Teacher and Student Highlight

Here you will find week by week updates on some incredible teachers and students using AppShed to create some amazing stuff!


January 1 - 10 2020 New Submissions

We have been seeing some amazing projects and lessons come from some great teachers, makers and students. We often miss some of these due to lack of exposure so if you make a project, lesson, video, blog post or even know someone who is doing something cool please submit it to us!

We will be introducing a form at the top of this page where you can submit this tip.




November 8 - 15 2019 Stephen Stewart


Again this week we have another incredible teacher by the name of Stephen Stewart (@Stephen_THC on Twitter) who has created a ten part video course on getting started with AppShed! The videos are quick and easy to understand as they document how a student would get from a blank app to a full featured movie trailer app that even works on their mobile devices (once its published). These videos are available for free on YouTube.

Watch the Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo1VyG73oOmsWzKzBr_gdpPcjEVWqUGEh



November 1 - 8 2019 The Tiffin Girls' School

This week we chatted with Roger Carpenter from The Tiffin Girls' School. Roger has been creating some amazing templates for his students on AppShed. These templates focus on JavaScript for Year Nines. Roger says he designed the templates with the goal of skipping some of the nitty-gritty and focusing on the content he wants to teach. Luckily he has allowed the templates to all be made public so that everyone can use them. You can find them by searching TGSAPP4 2019 in templates (We recommend giving Using jQuery v3 a try)




October 25 - 1 2019 Sakhikamva


The South African NGO Sakhikamva has been taking some AppCar kits around South Africa doing some incredible workshops with kids from all backgrounds. Fatima, the founder of Sakhikamva, started the foundation to help students from all backgrounds get started with aviation and has since broadened the foundations focus to STEAM education as well, working with thousands of kids every year. We can wait to see more!



October 18 - 25 2019 A Conversion app

This week we discovered the YouTube channel of an incredible student who has been using AppShed to create some awesome apps. The app we found was their Conversion App which features Meter Conversions, Capacity Conversion, Weight Conversion and even a Quiz! In their YouTube video they show all of this in action and even dive into the JavaScript and Blockly they used to make this all work. What an incredible project for learning about Coding and Physics conversions. Hats off to this student and their teacher.

Watch the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9voU2Iqx2U




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