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Premium AppBuilder

Premium AppBuilder offers you greater privacy and personalised support.

• No advertising
• Personalised email support
• Access to AppShed Academy Premium Courses
• Ability to create courses in AppShed Academy (Developer version only)


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EDU Accounts for Schools

Lesson Plans, Master Classes, Student Tracking and Management, Review apps before Publishing, Bulk User Import, Manage Passwords and more...

More about EDU   or   Register EDU Now


  • Anne-Marie Imafidon

    Anne-Marie is a woman on a mission, campaigning to get more women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

    Anne Marie Imafidion Stemettes

    We love using AppShed to inspire girls into tech.
    They reach their 'Aha' moment very quickly and are instantly hooked.

    Jim Bologna

    Jim is Director of Technology at Windward School
    (Los Angeles).

    Anne Marie Imafidion Stemettes

    I have used a number of web-based development tools in the past for my app design class, however none of them have the level of accountability found in AppShed Academy! As a bonus, the interface strikes the right balance of power and ease of use, freeing the students to focus on the creative aspects of the course.

    Stuart Swann

    Stuart is a leading independent education advisor representing amongst others Lego, Apple and AppShed.

    Anne Marie Imafidion Stemettes

    The AppShed EDU Account has given all our teachers the tools and confidence to make app building a regular classroom activity.


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Use AppShed to build apps quickly and easily.


  • Easy to teach app building and design
  • Creative and interactive events/actions
  • Blockly coding makes it easy for beginners
  • Advanced activities with HTML, CSS and code
  • Ready-to-go templates and app examples



What's new in AppShed 3.0?

We're super excited to bring you an all-new, amazing AppShed. Here's what's new in version 3.0:

  • EDU Accounts
    Templates, premium courses, asset library, dashboard. (read more)
  • Game Maker
    Make games easily. Start with no coding, then go big! (read more)
  • Courses & Training
    Step-by-step lessons, support & training for teachers. (read more)

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Game Maker

Make games in AppShed using our Game Maker.


  • Perfect for beginers, requiring no coding
  • Build simple, mobile-friendly games in minutes
  • Games teach the basics of Computer Sceince
  • Include objects, events, actions, collisions etc
  • Tutorials available for EDU Accounts




Bringing creativity to your classrooms

AppShed Academy delivers key organisational tools that enable teachers to turn app development into a compelling teaching methodology. Anchor students’ creativity into the heart of your lessons and manage and channel their aspirations with confidence

Lesson Plans

Access EDU-only Lesson Plans to help you structure your app-building lessons. Speak to one of our Education Advisors for suggestions on incorporating app building in your school.


Students' personal information is not required or disclosed. Students can safely work on projects outside of school hours. Moderate and flag inappropriate apps with immediate removal.


Create and mange multiple users accounts with ease and edit student apps as required. View and moderate student apps through the Dashboard.


Comprehensive support available via phone, email or skype. Request a Master Class to received dedicated, subject-specific training for your school.

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Trial FREE 1 month



~ $240/year


Schools and Education
500 Students
Lessons and Courses


Trial FREE 1 month



~ $370/year


Schools and Education
1500 Students
Lessons and Courses


Trial FREE 1 month



~ $500/year


Schools and Education
2500 Students
Lessons and Courses


Trial FREE 1 month





Business and University
Lessons and Courses

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IoT and Robotics

The easiest way to get started with electronics


  • Build your own IoT/Robotics projects
  • Control electronics from your phone
  • Easy enough for anyone to start
  • IoT/Robotics pre-made kits and projects
  • Made for Teachers and Makers