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Developer Docs

AppShed provides a number of code libraries to help you extend the functionality of your apps. 

These code libraries are all open source and can be downloaded for free on this site or on GitHub. If you would like to help by contributing to any of these projects, please find us on GitHub.com/AppShed.


EDU Accounts

Coding Master Classes for Schools

Do you want to teach your students coding with AppShed? Schools with an EDU Account can schedule a Masterclass with the AppShed DevTeam at no additional cost.

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HTML (0)

Edit the HTML source code to add advanced features to your app.

CSS (0)

Use CSS to create a completely unique design for your app.

JavaScript (7)

A JavaScript library to extend the client-side functionality of AppShed.

PHP (0)

A PHP library to quickly build "Remote" screens for AppShed.

API (0)

A RESTful API interface for AppShed apps to send and receive data.

App Stores (0)

Export and publish your apps for all major app stores.
App Stores

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