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How do I hide the built in alert messages?

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  • To hide the alerts you need to paste some code into the Custom JavaScript field in the app.
  • Open your app in the App Buidler,
  • Go to Settings,
  • Go to the Advanced tab,
  • Scroll down to Custom JavaScript and
  • Paste in this code:


//Replacement for alert
appbuilder.app.alert = function(message, context) {

// don't show these
if(message == "Downloading updates to app" || message == "App is now available offline")

if(appbuilder.app.isPhoneGap) {
else if(appbuilder.app.isMobile) {
else {
appbuilder.app.makeConfirm(message, null, null, null, false).inject(document.id(context || document.getElement('.phone-inner') || document.getElement('.phone') || document.body));




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