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How and where can I set up where the data that is collected by a form is saved to?

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You can use form data in a variety of ways. For each of these you need to add a button to the end of the form, and then set the action for the button. You can do the following:

  1.  Email the form data to yourself (or someone else) when the user taps a button. Use the "Extension" action and choose the Email Extension.
  2.  Save the data to a Google Doc Spreadsheet. Use the Extension action, choose Google Doc Write. There's a tutorial herewww.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCmmG36dq...7IWtvFwEsUN8_Qy5fqK7
  3. Use the JavaScript action to do something interesting with the data, e.g. do a calculation, or conditional navigation. The Maths Quiz shows you how www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCmmG36dq...LZ4vHKP6VMdxdN-q0nlS
More JavaScript help can be found at www.appshed.net

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