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Creating Apps

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Create new app
To create a new app you need to be on the “Home screen”. If you don’t have any apps yet, this
screen will be blank and in the middle, at the bottom there is a button to create a new app. So, click
on that. The right hand side will now load with the main settings for the app. The basic settings are
the name, the description and the icon for the app. So, we can go and fill those in now. Our name for
this demonstration will be called “London”, it’s an app about London. The description will just be
something simple, “An app about London”. You can change these all later. And the icon will be one
of the images that we loaded up earlier. So, you click on that thumbnail and it opens up the image
chooser. I can now scroll down and there is an image I uploaded earlier, called “Logo.png”. So, I’m
going to select that one and then click on the “Select” button. It’s now used that as the icon. So,
those are the only settings I need at this stage. Now I’ll click on “Save” and my app is saved. I’m now
on the first screen of the app and ready to start building.

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