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Can I save data within my app, permanently?

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You can save data in your app using form fields (such as Input Box, Select etc). 

When someone uses your app, and enters data into these fields, the information will be saved onto their device. If they leave that page, and return to it later, the information will still be there.

If the user closes the app and later on opens it again, in most cases the information will still be there, as they entered it.

In some cases the data will be erased. It is difficult to determine what causes the data to be erased. If the user changes their browser settings and chooses to "Delete cached/stored data" that will definitely erase the data. They might have other security settings that limit data storage on their device.


Professional app developers get around this problem in two ways:

  1. Create a native app for storing imporatnt data. Native apps have much more control over data storage.
  2. Send data to an online database. This is the only fool-proof method of permanently saving data.



It is also possible to store data using JavaScript methods, e.g.  

app.setVariable( "savedinfo" , app.getVariable("savedinfo") + app.getVariable("myinfo") )

However these methods make use of the same browser cache as form fields, so they are subject to the same limitations and the data can easily be lost.

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