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FAQ's about how to edit your App background

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What size should background images be? 
Background images should be 320x480 pixels in size and in png format. 
Which option should I choose for the background? Fit. fill, stretch, tile, centre or default? What's the difference?
Fit - Make the image fit the sizes of the screen. E.g. If the image is too large it will be positioned in the centre of the screen and there may be some free space on the sides of the screen.
Fill - The image is scaled up according to the screen. E.g. If the image is too large then only part of it will be visible as a background, and you can move it around with the help of the attachment.
Stretch - This helps to stretch the small images to fit the screen size.
Tile - If the image is smaller than the screen size, it is being repeated several times on the screen. To modify the positioning of the tiles you can use the arrows from the Attachment section.
Center - This option puts the images in the centre of the screen. E.g. If the image is larger than the screen then it chooses the centre of the image to fill the screen.
Default - In the App Settings - this means Fit + centered. If in any other section of the app - this means the settings you choose on the general App settings. E.g. I choose the stretch option in the App Settings, then this will be a default style for all the images in other sections of the app. 
I see there is an option for "attachment". What is that for?
This helps to control the positioning of the image on the screen. You can make the image centered, move it to the left, right, up etc.
How do I change the background?
To change the background Globally - Go to 'Settings' at the top of the screen. You have a selection of different types of screens where you can apply changes to the background. This background will be your default design when any new screens are created. To change individual screens, see below.
To change the background on specific screens - The background can be any picture of your choice - click on the header of the screen you want to change and choose, 'Edit'. Click on the 'Style' tab on the right and you are presented with options to change your background.

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