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Is there a to get form data to populate the contents of a screen?

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You need to use a special Action called "Extensions". There are a few Extensions to choose from, you should use "Google Docs Write v2" and "Google Docs Read v2".

In brief, this is what you need to do:

  1.  Create a form with all the required fields.
  2. You need a Google Docs account. Create a new (empty) spreadsheet. Edit the Share settings, and make sure "Anyone with the link" "Can Edit". (Note: you should not use this for any private/sensitive information. This feature in AppShed is designed for public data, as we have not developed authentication for Google Docs).
  3. Add a Button at the end of the form. Change the Action for the button and choose "Extensions", then select "Google Docs Write v2"
  4. Once you have selected "Google Docs Write v2" you will see a button called "Settings". Click this and paste in the URL for the spreadsheet.
  5. Save. Fill in the form and submit. You should see the data appearing in the spreadsheet.
  6. Now to display this data on another page in your app: Create a link, or edit a tab, and Change Action to "Google Docs Read v2".
  7. Edit the Settings and enter the URL for the spreadsheet. You can also add some filters if you only want to display a subset of the data. Save.
  8. When you navigate to this screen/tab you should see the data displayed in a standard format.



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