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How to publish your APP to android and apple?

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If you want to publish your app to one of the app stores, you need to contact us by email, and we will provide you more info on the process. There is a charge to submit the app to the store, these can be found here:appshed.com/content/create/hostingprices...ed/45-hosting-prices

The basic procedure is as follows:

* Finish building your app in AppShed. The app must be of a high quality to be accepted into the Apple AppStore, so you will need to make sure everything is perfect.
* Contact us when you are ready, and we will ask you to make a payment upfront before submitting the app.
* We will review your app and make recommendations on things that might cause Apple to reject the app (their app-review team is very strict about which apps they allow into their AppStore)
* We will send you a Submission Document which you must complete providing all the details about your app. This will include the name, full description, your contact details, screen grabs of the app etc.
* We will prepare the app for the stores. This task can only be carried out by our developers.
* We will send you a "test build". This is a special app that works just like an app download from the AppStore, except that we can send it to you by email. You must check this carefully, as this is the app we will submit to the store.
* Once you approve the test build, we will submit it to the store. There is an additional charge if you want to submit to multiple app stores (e.g. Apple AppStore and Google Play).
* Wait to see if Apple accepts your app. If your app is accepted by Apple, it goes into the AppStore, and the process is complete. If it is rejected, we will inform you. You can make one set of changes to your app and we will submit it a second time.
* If Apple rejects your app the second time, you need to consider carefully whether it is worth continuing. You will have lost the submission fee, and this cannot be refunded as the work has alkyd been carried out. Unfortunately this is a risky business, and as we have no control over the review process, we cannot be held responsible if your app is rejected twice.

There you have it, the process for getting you app into the store. It's not very straight forward, and will take at least 3-4 weeks. And there is always the risk that you will pay your money, and Apple might reject your app. That's just how it works for app developers. But if your app is popular, who knows what might happen...

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