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How do I register my school for Appshed Academy?

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First you'll need to register your own Appshed account. You can find this by clicking on the 'Register' link at the top of the Appshed Website. once you have filled out your name, email and password, you'll see your newly formed smartphone device on screen. Look for the suitcase icon at the top of the web page and you'll see 'Appshed Academy'. You can click there to register your school. Then you have to do the following:
- click on the "Register an educational account for your school"
- fill out the school details and click "Submit"
- go to your mail box and validate your email address (if you haven't done that before)
- fill out the payment details
- you will receive an invoice within the next few days
- when the payment goes through, the AppShed Academy functionality will be enabled for your school
Please NOTE: Due to our company policy a School account is not Free. You have to commit to a license of a certain number of students to use the Academy functionality.



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