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Increment a number using Blockly

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1) Go to the Templates and search for "number up".
Click "Use" to add the template.
2) Edit the "Up" arrow
3) Collapse and Expand the blocks.
In some cases this is required:
Due to a glitch with Blockly you need to "collapse" and then "expand" the blocks (Right-click on the first purple block)
4) Inspect the Blockly Code
1: Set Variable (in the App Variables category)
2: Add two numbers (in the Math category)
3: String to Int (in the Convert category) to convert the text "10" into the number 10... that's required to do math.
4: AppShed Variable  (in the App Variables category... note this is different to the Set Variable)
5: Number (from the Math category)
Layout using Custom Classes
Add 2 custom classes to the Image items to achieve the left layout, 1/3rd width:

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