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Is it possible to submit AppShed apps to iTunes, Google Play and the other app stores?
Yes, AppShed supports all the major app stores. 
AppShed apps are technically called "web apps". That means they are created using web technologies (HTML, JavaScript and CSS). But they look and feel just like "normal" apps that you download from the app stores.
To have your app appear in the app store requires a submission process. This involves the following main steps:
  • Download your web app source code from AppShed (use the DevTools menu item in the AppBuilder).
  • Package your app for the required app store using PhoneGap (or use PhoneGap Build's automated service).
  • Register a "developer account" on the required app store. This normally involves an annual subscription fee. You don't need to be a developer/programmer to register an account.
  • Submit your "packaged app" to the store. Each store has a different process and there are a number of requirements you must fulfill. 
All this is quite possible to do and does not require developer skills. But it is a fairly complex process, and can be quite time consuming. Apple's AppStore (iTunes) is particularly difficult as they have very strict submission requirements. (AppShed provides a Submission Service.)

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