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Phaser Documentation

Phaser provides excelent resources for learning JavaScript game development.

For learners that have gained confidence using the AppShed Game Maker and want to advance to more challenging activities, we highly recommend following the guides and documentation provided by Phaser. One of the reasons that Phaser was chosen as the game engine for AppShed is due to the extensive and excellent learning materials they provide.

Coding with Phaser directly (outside of the AppShed Game Maker) requires setting up a web server, and coding using JavaScript. 

Getting Started

This tutorial covers setting-up your development environment. Picking an editor, installing a web server, downloading Phaser and creating a Hello World test.

Making your first Game

Learn how to create a game completely from scratch. Add a player and make him run and jump around the platforms, collecting stars and avoiding baddies.

Code Examples

There are over 1500 source code examples available in our Git repo and they can all be viewed online. More are added constantly. Dig around, explore and see what you find!

API Docs

This documentation is generated from the source code and covers every method, property and class across the entire API. Use it in conjunction with examples and tutorials to get a deeper understanding of the framework.

Facebook Instant Games

Phaser 3 has complete support for Facebook Instant Games. We've a range of tutorials covering it. From Getting Started, to the Leaderboards API, to displaying ads and offering In App Purchases in your games.

Developer Logs

We publish regular Dev Logs that detail what has been worked on recently and what's coming down the line in beta releases. There are also extensive tutorials and structural guides to be found here.

Over 786 Tutorials

The community are constantly publishing new tutorials. There are literally hundreds of them, covering everything from custom game objects, to shaders. Be sure to check out the videos too.

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