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Ominous Beeping App

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  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
AppShed Basics



This lesson is structured as a complete walkthrough for how to build the Ominous Beeping App.

Learning Objectives:

  • All learners will be able to create the app shown in the show
  • Most learners will learn new and interesting ways to use the App Builder
  • Some learners will take what they learn and apply it to their future projects



Teachers Note:

Since this course is more about emulating an already created app the focus is more on media studies and App layout. This gives students a great idea of how their apps should be laid out in order to make a valuable user experience. This course also has a fair amount of coding which is used to emulate some of the features of the app on the show.

Your students have probably watched this show and we find that this really gets them excited about learning App Building as they are building a cool app from a show they like.

View the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvsh4oGxRcA&feature=emb_logo

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