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Publishing & Viewing Apps

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  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner
AppShed Basics



This lesson is structured as a complete walkthrough on how to use the Publishing and Sharing features in the App Builder

Learning Objectives:

  • All learners will be able to view and use their apps on their phone.
  • Most learners will be able to share and improve their app.
  • Some learners will be exploring how to make their app better for mobile viewing and use.


Teachers Note:

This course cover the simple but powerful feature in AppShed called publishing. This takes the user's simulated app and actually converts it into a Web App that they can view and use on their phone. This course goes into great detail showing users all that is possible with publishing and viewing.

We find this course is crucial for teachers to cover as viewing their own apps on their phone is something that really excites and inspires students, getting them ready for the high-level courses ahead

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