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App Builder Basics

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  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner
AppShed Basics



This lesson is structured as a complete walkthrough on how to use the App Builder

Learning Objectives:

  • All learners will be able to create and publish a simple app using the App Builder.
  • Most learners will be able to conceptualize their own app and build it using the App Builder.
  • Some learners will be exploring some of the more advanced features available within the App Builder.



Teachers Note:

This course does not focus on one curriculum or subject but rather shows students how to get started with the App Builder as a whole. This course is great for giving students a chance to build their own apps and see the possibilities of the platform. This course makes a great segway into the coding courses as students will want to add functionality to their app that they cant without coding. This course is suitable for all grades as it involves no coding and has extremely detailed videos.

The focus of the course is to teach students how the App Builder objects (Seen below) work.


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