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AppShed Basics Course

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AppShed Basics Course


Welcome to the AppShed Basics course. In this course I am going to teach you all the basic functionality of AppShed. We are going to be building a sample app. It’s called London and it’s all about some of the features, the attraction, the public transport - things that visitors to London would find really useful. So, this is what the app will look like when we are finished. We are going to have links to “Guides”, there will be a map, a photo gallery, a “More” tab, which has lots of different actions. I has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, all those kind of things. So, we will be putting these things in you can see there are some different styles here as well. We will be experimenting with different styles. And you’ll learn all of these basic functions of AppShed as we go through this course step by step.


  1. To start the AppShed Basics Course, follow these steps:

    • Log in to your AppShed account.
    • Open AppShed Academy.
    • Find the AppShed Basics course.

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