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The AppShed App Builder

Our App Builder is our core product that has been updated and refined for over nine years. Our focus has always been to ensure users from any grade or age group can easily and quickly get started with App Building. The App Builder acts as a base for all sorts of education to take place, of course, the focus is on teaching students about programming either with our visual programmer (Blockly) or our text-based programmer (JavaScript), however, we love seeing teachers use this easy to use the platform to teach students in all sorts of subjects. Anything from teaching geography with the mapping feature to teaching math concepts with the logic blocks in blockly is possible.

The Programming languages

The main way to build apps in AppShed is to simply use the App Builder tools which allow apps to be built with no programming at all, this makes the barrier to entry extremely small for younger students. We do however give students and teachers the ability to add advanced features to their apps with our built in coding features. The language that can be used in the App Builder are:


  • Blockly (Visual Programmer)
  • Pure JavaScript (Text-Based Programmer)
  • JQuery (Text-Based Programmer)
  • HTML & CSS



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